Who We Are

My name is Yamil Exposito. I learned my trade through many years of construction with large companies. During that time, I discovered that a strong work ethic and strength of character were valued by customers but rarely delivered by construction and repair companies.

Over 10 years ago, I decided to form a company built on the ethics and morals I hold most valuable. Home Improvements and Repair serves Austin with pride, and we pledge to be:

  • Responsible
  • Organized
  • Expert
  • Practical
  • Professional
Home Improvement and Repair

It's our goal to have 100% customer satisfaction. Ask us for past referrals to see how we're doing.

Our Business

We deliver quality work on par or better than the big guys, for less. We can offer this value because our team has spent years learning multiple trades in construction and remodeling. As a result, our team doesn't have to wait for the next crew to show up or for the foreman to give the nod.

When you hire Home Improvement and Repair, you get no expensive corporate office, corporate trucks or throngs of crews. You only get specialists in nearly all aspects of construction and repair in one crew, overseen and managed by me, Yamil.

What Our Customers Like

If you want to know what it's like to work with us, here are a few examples of the things our customers love:

  • Taped bead boards overall trafficked floors.
  • Cleaned and vacuumed job site every day when we leave.
  • Respectful to neighbors, pets, and guests.
  • Accommodating individual requests (1 size does not fit all)
  • Personal touches to exceed your expectations.